Automation Industry

Automation Industry

High resolution, ultra-low distortion, anti-vibration structure design, with a variety of optical correction methods to minimize aberrations, maintaining high definition. Focus and aperture locking device can reduce the impact of vibration on the image to ensure that the image of high definition. With excellent high and low temperature performance, support for high and low temperature environment for inspection work. The lenses are widely used in the automotive industry, robotics, electronic components and semiconductors, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, printing and other industries.




  • AGV
  • Intelligent detection
  • Mechanical arm
  • Industrial Scanning
  • Machine vision
  • Automatic assembly line production
  • Factory automation


Our team has rich experience in optical and mechanical design. Our creative, energized staff can give you the competitive advantage in your industry.


We work with our customers to deliver innovative, reliable solutions that are proven to reduce development costs, increase productivity and accelerate time-to-market. Our team of engineering professionals helps you design and deliver reliable, cost-efficient, and innovative custom-engineered solutions in a shortened timeframe.  We take you through the entire process from concept to production.

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